The Baltimore Social Innovation Journal

Ideas have the power to change the world – and our city. Big or small, from inside of Baltimore or across the nation, from experts or ordinary citizens, ideas give us hope for improving Baltimore. The Warnock Foundation aims to cultivate great ideas just for this purpose. The foundation is committed to Baltimore, its people, and to the principle that this city has yet to – but will – reach its full potential.


Among the obstacles, however, are glimmers of hope.  No foundation working alone can fund systemic change – but we are convinced we can help people who are bettering Baltimore one person at a time.


This is why we launched the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal, which profiles social innovators, their ideas, and provides seed money to help them implement their projects.


Despite the obstacles we face, Baltimore is a city full of good people with great ideas and a willingness to aim high. We hope that you’ll enjoy our profiles of these innovative, bright and committed Baltimoreans.

Meet Our Social Innovators

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    Said Baltimore should aspire to be one of America’s greatest cities

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    Said Baltimore has reached its potential

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    Said Baltimore is better than the average city in America

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    Said Baltimore is a successful city

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    Think that Baltimore could be one of America’s greatest cities in the next five years

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    People believe that becoming one of America’s greatest cities should be the city’s goal

    Will Baltimore ever reach its full potential?

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    Almost Certainly

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    Could go either way

    What are Baltimore’s biggest obstacles?






    The gap between rich and poor

    What are Baltimore’s biggest assets?






    Inner Harbor

    "Everyone should have access to art. The idea is to reimagine what a museum can be, do, and ignite."

    - Deana Haggag

    "We're trying to change the idea of who is it that plants a tree."

    - Morgan Grove

    "There's a lot of untapped potential among people who care about the success of neighborhoods ... but there's no one reaching out to give them the skills to make a huge impact."

    - Kristerfer Burnett

    "If you're not helping the people, what are you doing?"

    - Chris Wilson